Mar 14, 2010

Brown Paper Embellishments

I have never scrapbooked much.  Always wanted to but never had the money to invest in all the supplies necessary.  I created my very first embellishment.  This is a all in one print out.  You just cut and past it all together.  I even created a cute little button (4 holes in the middle have colors that match the circle that it's placed on top of).  Of course you can add some thing to it for more effect.  I happened to have some left over ribbon/netting/mesh stuff that was from a gift basket at Christmas.  So, when I was testing this print out I added that to it for a cute effect.  If you had buttons on hand, you won't have to use the one on the page.  I have some, but none that will match this design.

I simply printed 1 page on regular printer paper and 1 page on cardstock (for the button).

Then I wadded the page (regular printer paper) up to give some texture to each circle. (see my Easter Banner in the background? hehe)
Cut the circles out and hot glued them together.
VOILA, you've got a cute little embellishment. 

I was going to add these to my Happy Easter Banner but was happy with it just the way it was.  Once I decide what I'm going to do with these I'll update you.  Like I said, I don't do scrapbooks.  I might give these away with the FREE file to print some off.  We'll just have to see.

Check my store for this listing by Monday!

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Katie said...

What a cute project! You have great taste and adorable ideas!

Ashley said...

Thank you so much!

Kaysi said...

Those are super cute and would look great on any paper!

Patti said...

These would make cute embellishments for small presents, too, rather than a bow!

Love that tea wreath to the side...very clever!

Ashley said...

@Kaysi, yes they would look great on any paper. I just created the designed circles for people that may want a quick craft without having to buy different style scrapbooking papers. Saves time and money for me.

@Patti, you are right, they would look great on a present. I'll have to try that out sometime. The tea wreath isn't mine. It is something I found at another blog (click on the image to go to that blog) and I want to make one for a co-worker that is a tea drinker.


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