Mar 31, 2010

Crafty Gathering at Harvest Church

I'm so excited!  I have been wanting to do a craft party/class with the church and I now have the opportunity to do it.  I'm so excited!  Yea, I know, I said that twice!  But I AM!

The 1st Crafty Gathering will be held on April 11th after the service.  We'll be doing the Glitter Artwork.  This items that we create at this gathering will actually be items that we will be selling at the Marigold Festival in Winterville to raise money for the 30 Hour Famine (more about this later, but you can Google it to find out more).

The 2nd Crafty Gathering will be at the end of May.  I think I'd like to make a family name plaque.  I'm still not a 100% on this.  I'm trying to get the details finalized on how to actually do the class/gathering.  Any suggestions?

As of right now this class/gathering will be held once a month on a Sunday after church service.  We'll bring goodies to eat for lunch and then the craftiness will begin.  My goal is to keep the cost of materials for each project under $10 (preferably $5).  I'll take up that money ahead of time when sign ups begin so that I can purchase all the materials needed.  I'd also like to have a fun, simple thing for the kids to do too.

So, what do ya think?  Leave comments if you have done this or attended something like this before.  I'd like to hear about your experience with it.

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