Mar 29, 2010

Dining Room Plans

This is my inspiration
 Not the colors, just the simplicity of it.  I have 1 window in my dining room and it's open to my kitchen and the living room.  Of course the dining room will also house my husbands massive computer (the gaming monster).  I think we can make it work though.  We are one of those families that doesn't eat at the dinner table.  I'm sure this will change (I would like it to) once Aaron is eating meals at the same time as we do.  So, I'm choosing a table that can be used not only for dining, but for crafting and working on my laptop as well.  I'm choosing chairs that can be folded and put away or moved around where extra seating is needed.  The color we will paint the walls will be the same as the living room.  We picked it out this weekend and it's a silver/gray/blue color.  It will look great with black, red, and white furniture and accessories.
Table from Ikea.  $69.99.  I'd probably paint it either red or black.
Folding chair from Ikea.  $39.99 These would be painted red or black as well.
I'm thinking a photo like this would make great dining room artwork.  It's a $10 poster from Ikea, but I think I could DIY/PIY this myself.  And edit the picture to be black and white and the fruit (red fruit of course) I would color to make it POP!

So, that's what's on my mind now for my dining room.  We'll be painting everything after Easter but it will be a while before I can put the furnishings into action but I'll refer back to this as we go along.

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