Mar 12, 2010

Weekend Plans 3/12/10 - 3/14/10

I was really hoping for a warm & sunny weekend but it doesn't look like mother nature is going to allow that.  It will be raining all day today and most of the day tomorrow.  Sunday will be pretty though, so that's good.  I have been planning to get 2 free tickets to The World of Coke for David and I to go and check out.  We've never been, but have talked about going quite often.  I got the tickets after entering lots of codes in on  I don't drink a lot of coke, but my co-workers do and they don't use the points.  I also won a lot of codes on Listia.  

Tonight we'll be taking Aaron to my mother's house to spend the evening.  She will be taking him to visit my grandparents as well since they haven't seen him very much lately.  He'll have lots of fun there. 

Saturday after we get done enjoying our rainy day together at the World of Coke we'll probably grab a bite to eat somewhere that we've never been.  We'll get Aaron back that evening.

Sunday is church and afterwards we'll probably head over to David's mom and dad's to visit with them and let them have some time with Aaron.  

At some point in between these plans I'd like to get a couple of creative things started (and possibly finished).  I still have my 1st Dollar Store Craft that needs to be completed.  I also wanted to make a St. Patty's Day shirt for a friend's daughter but I don't have the materials for it.  I really want to get this done by Sunday so I can give it to her.  I may go to Walmart tonight to get what I need... if they have it.  If they don't, I may not be successful with this project or I'll have to change my idea for the project.  I also want to make an Easter wreath with lots of cute plastic eggs.  I also have a box that I am doing the finishing touches on the design that I want to get listed in MY SHOP.

What are your plans this weekend?

Whatever they are I hope you have a happy one!

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