Apr 30, 2010

Another Mother's Day Card

My coworkers were very pleased with the birthday card that I made.  I was a bit nervous because the idea I had for it was something totally different than how it turned out but I wasn't able to get the vintage images printed.  Stupid printer didn't want to cooperate.  So, I just went with what I had.

I was still very pleased with how it turned out but there's one thing I should really work on... my calligraphy.  The tag that says "Life Laugh Love" I actually had a different tag made with 2 stickers, an "H" and a "B" and I was going to right the rest by hand, "Happy Birthday".  Well, it looked pretty sloppy ad I just wasn't having it.  

I am really enjoying making cards and if you have any tips on a better way to do font like this, please, comment me or email me.  I'd love to know some secrets.  I don't have the money to invest in stamps right now but I do plan on doing that one day.  Until then... what can I do?

Just in case you missed yesterday's post here's a pic of the birthday card I did...

And after showing this to another coworker (not the birthday girl) she asked me to make a mother's day card for her to give to her mom.  Here's the outcome of it and I LOVE IT!  Again, I got my vintage images (sheet music and birds image) from The Graphics Fairy. Please, go visit her blog.  She has so much to offer!


Cindy said...

Oh, your cards are beautiful! I went through the same thing you did with lettering wondering what to use...Hobby Lobby had a 1/2 price sale on kinds of stickers and they work great for cards...I got one whole sheet for a dollar that says Happy Birthday...enough for several cards. I use them for all sorts of projects. I got several different themes so they come in handy...They are stickers but are like card stock. I hope that is helpful...One sheet that is my absolute favorite is all about the Lord.
I know you'd love it too!

Your cards are fabulous! Happy Mother's Day!
Cindy Adkins

BLISS angels said...

Love this card,so cute. I have a cricut machine which is easy to use and it will cut out letters but the only down side is the price but you can find deals. I brought mine at walmart and it was cheaper. They have a web site cricut.com. Also I like looking at walmart, target and the dollar store all sell lettering stickers which you can pick up cheaply. ~Wendy

Anonymous said...

Beautiful card - love the combination of the sheet music with the flowers.

Tammara said...

Beautiful cards!

Karen- The Graphics Fairy said...

Such gorgeous cards! You really have a great eye for color. These are beautiful! Thanks so much for linking these up for Brag Monday.

PetraB said...

Hallo Ashley, Your cards are really lovely, I love the colours. With regards to the lettering you could print the sentiments, this is what I do a lot because I don't have that many sentiment stamps or I just don't have the one I need! There are quite a few free downloadable fonts online. These are the ones I have used: dafont.com and <a href="http://www.1001freefonts.com/>1001freefonts</a>. These fonts are free for personal use and they work well.
Happy Mother's Day, Petra.x


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