Jun 18, 2010

His 1st Father's Day

This will be my hubby's first father's day and I've been trying to think of ways to make it extra special for him.
I asked him the other night if he could have a custom cupcake what would it be.
"Yellow cake, strawberry filling, with a boston cream topping."
Sounds like someone had a donuts on their mind.  LOL!  But I'm gonna give it a shot.  He's an easy man to please... err... when it comes to food.  ;o)

I will of course take pictures of this process and let you know how it turns out.

I purchased him a gift which I'm not going to talk about because that sneaky man might just log on and check out my ramblings on here.  Don't want to spoil the surprise.

Anyway, I'm not only about purchased gifts.  I love making things from the heart as gifts.  I wanted something from Aaron, but of course right now he's a bit too small to help me.  There are a TON of great ideas out there and I wanted to link up while I decide on what I will be doing.

How about this mini tool box made from Altoids tins?  Alphamom has a so simple tutorial for you.

Duct Tape Boutonniere!  OMG, this brings back memories about my duct tape wallet I made in high school.  That might just be another post, coming soon!  Anyway, check out THIS great tutorial at Silly Steeneck's

What could be better than a basket full of candy wrapped in LOVEMaking the World Cuter shows you how to make this fun and loving gift for Dad and/or Grandpa!

Hope you have a WONDERFUL Friday and weekend.

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Anonymous said...

Testing my comments! Happy Father's Day everyone!


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