Aug 12, 2010

CSN Review - Aaron's New Play Room

As I mentioned HERE, CSN Stores gave me the opportunity of reviewing one of their products.  It came just in time when I decided that I was going to turn our dining room into Aaron's play room.

It took me a couple of weeks to actually order the North States Play Yard.  CSN Stores offered me $40 toward any item, I paid the difference.  The shipping was free!

I placed my order on August 6th and the package arrived on August 11th.  It wasn't supposed to deliver until the 12th and when I looked back in my email I noticed an email from them that I over looked.  They upgraded my shipping at no additional cost so that it would arrive 1 day early!

The play yard is exactly what I wanted needed for this project.  I thought I was going to need to get the extensions but it is already the perfect size.  Aaron could probably use some more room, but I don't think my dining room can.  

I am VERY pleased with my purchase from CSN Stores!

I think Aaron is too!  Check out my $2 alphabet floor tiles I scored at the church yard sale last weekend!

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