Aug 26, 2010

Date Night - Bookstore Date

A couple of nights ago I started feeling ICKY.  Runny nose, sore throat.  I took some meds in hopes that it would subside.  Not a chance!  Last night it was full blown.  Headache, sore throat, coughing, and runny nose.  I took some antihistamine and ibuprofen and took my sick self to bed.  Didn't sleep much.  I of course couldn't breath through my nose and because my mouth was dry (from breathing through my mouth) I had a dream that I kept trying to find some lemonade to drink.  Everywhere I went they were out and for some reason I couldn't drink anything but lemonade.  It was a NIGHTMARE!  LOL!  I woke up and laughed at my stupid dream, jumped in the shower and prayed for a NEW GOOD DAY!

I do have a craft to show you but once again I'm failing to take pictures of what I've completed.  I'll tell you about it though.

I found this new AWESOME blog.  The Dating Divas.  They have tons of tips and ideas for you and your hubby to do together.

I have been planning for David and I to have a date night together for about a week.  I wanted to do something other than dinner and a movie.  We're going to Shoki for dinner because offered 75% off the $25 gift certificate for the restaurant, so I paid $3 for it!  Then we'll go to Border's to complete The Bookstore Date.  

I took their download and just basically scraped a book of my own to take with us.  We'll take a few pictures and I can add those to the "date book" later. 

So, what are you waiting for?  Go check them out!

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Sourkraut said...

Ooh, I quite like this idea. Thanks for sharing! Glad you're feeling better too.


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