Jan 6, 2011

Organized Pantry


So I'm a few days behind on the organizing challenge.  I actually organized my pantry yesterday and was ready to post my results last night but had some issues with blogger?  It was really weird.  So here I am and I still have to organize my linen closet and underneath my kitchen sink (that's gonna be a nightmare).  My brother has been home this week to visit before he begins his 2nd deployment to Iraq.  So, I have to say my excuse is a pretty good one.  I probably won't get caught up until Saturday, just a warning!  I WILL stick to this challenge though.

Ok, onto my pantry!  I don't have a tupperware cabinet so I chose my pantry since it does store some tupperware as well as other dishes.

There's no structure at all here.  There's an empty canister that used to hold dog food, and a laundry basket with a few boxes of junk in it, and my dishes are scattered all over the place.  What a MESS!

I have to say I'm very happy with the transformation though.  I have a place for everything and ended up finding new homes for other things that I felt belonged in the kitchen cabinets.

My tupperware is organized in the white baskets.  Bowls on one side and lids on the other.  My food processor which doesn't get used very often is on the top shelf along with a basket to store disposable dishes.
I removed the canister and clothes basket and place the trash can in there.  I had an extra hanging shelf once I cleared everything out and didn't know what to put in it.  Then I had the genius idea of putting the trash bags there.  Everything in one spot.

Closer view of the bottom half.

Closer view of the top half.

I have got to figure out how to take better pictures with my camera.  These photos are TERR-I-BLE!

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