Jan 25, 2011

Who doesn't love fudge & fuzzy socks???

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Julie at Joy's Hope posted this awesome recipe that she got from a friend.  It was for making fudge in your MICROWAVE!  I know, makes your mouth water right?  Well it really will once you make it.  The stuff is awesome!

You can get the recipe from her post, Five minutes to ruin.

I tried it out the other night and it was super yummy.  Here's how mine, turned out.

Please excuse the blurry photo.  It was taken with my phone.  I found the cute sprinkles at the Dollar Tree.  

I've been working on some fun little paper boxes that look like pizza boxes to put my fudge into.  You can get the template at Creations by AR.  I love how her's turned out.
Sorry I don't have any pictures of the boxes I'm working on yet.  I'm slow at crafting right now and extremely slow at taking pictures.  :)

I also thought that these fuzzy sock cupcakes by Seven Thirty Tree would make a sweet addition to the fudge. 

Like I said, who doesn't love fudge and fuzzy socks?!?!

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