Feb 5, 2011

Photo Messages

The other day I shared the tutorial for creating Valentine's Day cards with your toddlers art.
While driving around town today I thought about putting a picture of Aaron inside the card.

I got the idea from Rachel at Smile & Wave.  Isn't she the coolest?

I've seen her mention these chalk boards for a while, and I really want one, but right now funds don't allow for it.  But, I encourage you to go check her out.  She'll have some available in

So, here's my make shift chalkboard message photo.
 Then I uploaded that photo to Flickr and edited it in Picnik!

I can't believe this picture took so well.  It took forever for me to get Aaron in the right position, to look at the camera and have the paper in a decent position to be able to add the message.  You can't see it but he's fiddling with a pair of finger nail clippers.  That's probably the only way he would've sat still.  I should've thrown a pretty sheet over the couch, but there's no chance of me retaking this picture and getting it this good again.  So, I'll be happy with this one.  

I figured I'll secure this picture inside the card with photo corners instead of just writing a message.


RachelDenbow said...

CUte! We've done something similar with birthday messages to long distance family members. Great idea with photoshopping something onto a blank paper!

RachelDenbow said...
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Anonymous said...

We do that on our Christmas cards.


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