Oct 12, 2011

My Halloween Home Decor & a SCARE!

Woof, what a day.  It was going fairly well.  Just a typical Wednesday at the office.  It seems like all I do these days is play a waiting game at work, which makes me feel unproductive.  I don't like that at all.  The day ended like any other day.  Got off work, stopped to get gas, headed to pick Aaron up from the babysitter's house, chit chat for a minute while Aaron is pulling at my shirt saying "juice" because he knows that we always get a cup of juice before walking out the door.  While putting him in his car seat I fight for some kisses while he's yelling "no!" and turning his head every time I try to get one.  We giggle.  I love his giggles.
Headed down the road we sing songs on the radio, learn new words and make funny noises at each other.
Check the mail, fix dinner, eat dinner while watching cartoons... yea I'm a mom that watches cartoons with her son while we eat dinner.  It works for us right now.  
I take out the trash and clean up the pantry where the trash can sits and realize that we have a mouse.  Actually, I've known this for a while but haven't had a chance to really take care of the problem.  So, I say tonight is the night I'm going to clean out from under the sink and every where else and set some mouse traps.
We head off to church and when we arrive I give Aaron his bath which is full of teaching him new words and lots of giggles and lots of "no"s from him.  That's one word he has no problem saying.

Once bath time is over I give him his night time snack and some milk and turn on the Fresh Beat Band while I begin cleaning out from under the kitchen sink.
Well, as you know this is a place for the cleaners and bug sprays and whatever else your kid should not have easy access too.  I had made the decision that this was something I needed to do and move these chemicals to the master bathroom where Aaron doesn't have easy access to
IT happened.  I had my back turned for 2 seconds putting away what I had just cleaned out and Aaron got his hands on the bug spray and sprayed it in his face.  THANKFULLY he didn't ingest any and only got a little in his right eye.  I go into panic mode while trying to stay calm so I don't freak him out.  I take him to the bathroom flush his eye out the best I can in the sink.  He cries more now that I'm pushing water in his face than he did because of the spray in his eye.  I strip him down, pop him in the tub and use some no tears shampoo to wash his eye out the rest of the way.  He doesn't like water in his face and he's cold so he's crying, I'm crying, and trying to comfort a soaking wet child.  We were a mess but now he's resting in his bed and fast asleep with no sign of anything being wrong.  Poison control said the spray wasn't anything that could harm him unless there was a lot ingested so I think we're fine.  But it was my first time dealing with this and I've been a ball of nerves ever since.

So, I decided it was time for me to post my Halloween decor which isn't a whole lot right now because I'm limited to the surfaces I can decorate.  But I'm happy with it. 

The banner I made last month and never finished the part that says "Happy".  The 2 small pumpkins on each side are salt & pepper shakers from one of the Michael's $1 bins last year.  And the pumpkin in the middle is the project that I mentioned here that I was working on.  I found the idea on Pinterest.

Cheri gives a great tutorial and even used poetry on hers.  I still want to include this on mine but haven't gotten around to printing any off yet.  I found my pumpkin at The Dollar Tree.  Please, check out Cheri's because she adds a little more embellishment to hers than I did.

I finally hung a piece of art work a friend mailed to me and the keys that I bought from Michael's in the $1 bins.  I scrapped the "Love" page and hung it up too.  I want to add more to this wall and will as I find things that I feel fit well with the rest of it.  I also want to pain the frame that the horse picture is in.  

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Amanda said...

Kids! The drive you crazy, its amazing what they can do in seconds, my two are the same but sounds like you coped really well, I always scream and start flapping my arms, as if that ever helps!! Your decorations look great!


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