Oct 22, 2011

Should've slowed down

While reading this post over at The Shine Project, it got me thinking about myself.  I am in so many ways, very similar to Dani with multitasking.  I can't do anything without thinking of what I else I can get done while doing that.  I find myself working on 5 different projects all at one time while at the office.  When I'm at home, my evening routine is giving Aaron a snack and washing dishes while dinner is cooking. 

I remember when Aaron was an infant, I would rush to rock him to sleep and lay him in his crib so that I could get some chores done or just sit down and watch some tv without any distractions.  I also think of my marriage.  Wondering if my "multitasking" contributed to where we are today... divorce.  So many times, we would be riding down the road or just watching tv and I would be checking my email or facebook on my phone when I should've been just talking to my husband and enjoying the time with him.  I know, there are so many other things that contributed to our divorce that were out of my control, but I still think about these things.

So, my goal after thinking about all of this is just to slow down and live in the moment.  Things can wait, my relationships can not.   

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