Mar 24, 2010

Butterfly Spring Banner

Note to self, work on photography!

These pictures do not benefit this item AT ALL!  The only place I had to hang this was in my bathroom and the light was way too bright.  I will be taking some new pictures soon but I couldn't wait to share this.

Please, forgive the coloring of these pictures.  The lighting was so bad I attempted to edit the pictures in Microsoft Office Picture Manager and this is what I got.  I promise an update (soon) with much better quality pictures.  But you get the point.  Little butterflies in blue and green with a "typewriter" font spelling out Spring.  I also did some of my pop up flowers to add to the ends but I don't like how they are hanging.  I'm thinking of removing them.  I attempted to bundle them together, which looks great alone, but on the string they hang facing down.

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