Mar 25, 2010

Weekend Plans 3/27 - 3/28

Saturday is going to be a fun filled day with my mother and grandmother.  3 generations of women shopping and crafting.  

Let me tell you, I come from a not so crafty family.  

My mother is crafty in her own untraditional way.  If she has a need she will fill in a make shift way.  One time her water wasn't working and it was raining outside.  She had one of those picnic tents up in her back yard and it was older and the ran had gathered in the "roof" of it and it was going to tear it up if she didn't do something.  So she grabbed a knife and a 10 gallon bucket.  She poked a hole in the "roof" and placed the bucket under the hole to catch the water.  TaDa, she "fixed" her tent and had water to flush the toilet with.  I love my mother and I cherish the relationship I have with her.  She's taught me so much!

My grandmother is the frugal shopper that I wish I was.  She's a bargain hunter, and when she finds a bargain, she'll talk the person into making it an even better bargain.  I don't know how she does it.  She's the most beautiful woman I've ever know, inside and out.  I guess it's her grace and charm that woos the sellers into giving her what she wants... haha.

So, I guess I can't say they aren't crafty, they just aren't your typical crafty people.  Their skills are just very unique.

Anyway, I found this AWESOME tutorial on how to make baby pants which I can't seem to find the blog that I found the tutorial.  I know I commented on her blog, and she commented back to me... or email... or something and I can't find a trace of it.  I thought I followed the blog but can't seem to find it in my list.  If that was you, please, leave me a comment so I can give you credit for this project and to make sure I did follow your blog because I loved it.  I went through my drawers last night and found a pair of jeans (that have been ripped in multiple places), some t-shirts, and some old yoga pants I can't wear anymore.  These will be turned into Aaron's pants!  I can't wait.  I also found a cute tank top that will be turned into a cute little girls skirt for a dear friend's daughter.  We'll see how that turns out.

We'll be getting some supplies to make all 4 boys (my nephews, my cousin, and my son) Easter shirts.  I'm still indecisive on a design I want to do, but I'll be doing some searching very soon for ideas.

We will also be getting all the makings for the Easter Egg hunt.  I want to have some golden eggs as prize eggs, stuff to decorate eggs, and stuff for their Easter baskets.

Oh, I can't wait.

I will also be giving my Grandmother her Easter gifts.  The Easter Wreath.
So, what's your plans for the weekend?

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