Mar 6, 2010

DIY St. Patty's Day Onesie

Green Sharpie
Iron on Letters

I decided I wanted to this a while ago.  We went to Walmart to get the supplies I needed.  I originally got the idea from a blogger that made a very cute one for her daughter, it was about a month ago and I totally forgot to follow the blog and mark it so I could give her credit.  Anyway, she used freezer paper to make her stencil and then painted it onto the shirt.  

I was honestly looking for the most affordable (I didn't have any of the supplies except the onesie on hand).  So Walmart had green & black Sharpies for $0.99.  It was the kind with the extra fine point on one side and fine point on the other side.  I grabbed some letters and was ready to go.

I drew my own clover template by using a heart shaped piece of paper to make each leaf of the clover.  I traced it onto the onesie and then colored it in.  Followed the instructions for the iron on letters and VOILA.
I wish I had a picture tutorial to give you, but as you probably read in my previous post my camera isn't usable at the moment. 

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