Mar 5, 2010

What's my shop missing?

I know!  I know!  Pictures of the actual printed product. 

I have a decent Kodak camera that I used to use to take pictures of my jewelry.  Well since then I have miss placed my USB cable which I also used to charge the camera.  So, for the past few months my camera has been dead and I haven't been able to take pictures.  Not of my printed products or of my adorable 4 month old son.  I hate it.  I've been using my cell phone to take pictures of him for the time being but I don't think the quality would be good enough for Etsy. 

Anyway, I accidently paid $30 extra on my Best Buy credit card last month (I have a credit since it was paid off) and I can't get the cash back.  I think I'll take a trip to best buy and purchase the battery charger so I can get some pictures of the actual products this week.

In the mean time I need to print some of my new designs and test them out this weekend as well.  Here's a sneak peak.


Anonymous said...

I love all my techy toys, but it drives me crazy when one is rendered useless because of a lost/broken cord. Why can't all of the gadgets have the same size charging cord? Then you could just grab one and go. It would be sooooo much easier!

Ashley said...

Yes, it would be AWESOME if there was only one type of cord that could fit all items. That would definitely make my life easier. I've got an old milk crate full of wires (my hubby is a computer nerd, in a good way) and not a single one fits my camera. UGH.


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