Mar 16, 2010

New Blog & Thank You!

If you have been visiting my blog today and have seen some pretty crazy stuff, I apologize.  It's been under construction for most of the day.  I'm slowly but surely figuring out how to edit this thing on my own.  I want to get a more interesting background.  I'm going to work on that later tonight as I'm burnt out on HTML right now.

I'd like to know what you think about it, so, please, leave me a comment with your opinions.  Good and bad... I'm a big girl.  ;o)

I would like decorative background, more definition to each post (border color, title background color, etc), and a border around my images.  These are some of the things that I have in mind of changing but will need to experiment with it to get it the way I'd like.  So, please, continue to bare with me through the construction.  And of course, I'll need to redo my buttons to match the blog.  :o)

Once I get all of this finalized I'll be updating my banner and icon for My Shop as well.

So, go ahead, leave me a comment with your opinions.

And while I'm here posting this not so exciting post I wanted to thank all of your for supporting my new adventure that is THIS blog.  It means a lot to me to have new followers, new comments, and emails.  I'm very excited about how this is going and can't wait to see the progress I continue to make, with your help of course.


Michelle said...

I think it looks great! I love your header, I need to figure out how to make one like that.

Ashley said...

Thank you Michelle. I really like your header as well. I just used publisher, played around with some fonts and clipart until I got what I wanted, converted it to an image file and uploaded it. I also like your background. I'd like something similar for mine.


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