Apr 12, 2010

Calling all Cricuts!

I am hosting another crafty gathering at my church next month and we'll be making family name plaques.  I have searched high and low for different size letters for an affordable price.  The budget for this crafty gathering is $10 per person.  I've already got $4 of that going towards the wooden plaque.  If you know of a place I can get that for a cheaper price I'd love to know about it.

Anyway, I need someone with a Cricut that would be willing to do the names of those at the gathering for this project and mail them too me.  I'm thinking we'd have about 7 names at the most with each name being either 6 or 7 letters.  So I'd need about 50 letters cut (at the most).  I would like it to be on scrapbook paper with some cute designs.

If you are up for this send me an email at custompiydesigns @ gmail dot com with your price.  This crafty gathering isn't scheduled until the end of May so I think that gives us plenty of time.

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