Apr 15, 2010

Spring Wall Hanging (WIP)

I hate that I don't have work in progress pictures up to this point.  My camera battery was dead and I just couldn't wait to do the project.  I spent about 2.5 hours working on this, taking my time and just crafting.  It was so relaxing and exactly what I needed at that moment.

Does crafting ever relax you?

A while back when I went to the Salvation Army I had found a folding picture frame with 3 sections and 3 frames in each section.  I attempted to make a faux window as a gift for a friend but it was definitely a craft FAIL!  Anyway, I had the 9 wood backs that was left over from that project waiting for something to be done with them.  Well, I won this awesome pack of spring scrapbooking supplies from Little Bug Scrapbooking.  I measured each little wood piece and marked the measurements on the beige colored paper that had a pretty floral design on it and then "distressed" the edges with color pencil.  I'm new to distressing but love the look.  I applied mod podge to the wood and applied the paper.  Then I cut the brown textured paper and applied it with mod podge.  Next came the letters.  In the scrapbooking packet was the letters for Spring but they were all attached so I cut them apart and had to shape some edges.  I applied each letter with Mod Podge as well and then topped it all off with a final coat of... yea... you guessed it... Mod Podge.  I experimented with one of the stamps that was in the packet as well.  It looked like a daisy and I just used highlighter ink as I don't have any ink pads.
After the Mod Podge dried I super glued the flower as the dot for the "i".

I'm pleased with how this project turned out.  I still want to do some finishing touches with glitter and adding some ribbon to make this project into a wall hanging.  I think this will be a good gift for my friend on her birthday.

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Maria@ChicaBellaCrafts said...

This is so pretty, it's inspiring me, can't wait to go home and craft something.


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