May 15, 2010

Finally all moved in!

I just thought that I would update all of you that I am finally all moved in.  I've been extremely stressed because of this move and because Aaron and I both got sick.  He caught it from me.  His first couple of nights in our new place was a big rough but he is finally back in his crib and sleeping soundly all night.

This move has taught me a lot of things.
  • I LOOOOOOVVVVEEE my mother and I'm so thankful for her.
  • We have some amazing friends that are there for us when we call them for help.
  • I need to simplify my life by getting rid of A LOT of junk.
  • This is a small tiny mobile home but we WILL make it our comfortable home.
  • I'm thankful for all that the Lord has blessed my family with.  We have an amazing opportunity to live in a home that is paid off and we'll be able to save money!  Such a blessing.
We have a wall that is covered in boxes that need to be unpacked.  I made my way to 1 of the many boxes of craft stuff.  Give me a few more days to get unpacked and organized and I'll be back to crafting.

I also noticed that I have reached my first blogging goal of 30 followers.  Thank you to all that are followers. YOU LIKE ME!  Well, I like you too!  I hope you'll stick around just a few more days until I can get settled in and I promise I'll have some projects that are way out of my comfort zone with some step by step tutorials and LOTS of pictures.  I can't wait to get started.

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Maria@BubblegumandDuctTape said...

Hi Ashley,
Ahhhh at last, it's so great to hear that you appreciate your family and your friends. Moving can be sooo stressful. I had to move six times during my college years and even though I didn't have a lot of things, it was still very stressful.


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