Jun 22, 2010

Master Bedroom Decor

Alright, don't judge the small space or the mismatched bedding.

I was feeling pretty creative tonight and I still don't have my craft stuff quite organized with easy access.  (AKA, my closet is still CLUTTERED with bags of clothes that need to be donated)  I just made due with what I had on hand.  Still have one side of the room I've got to get cleaned up.

From the entrance looking into the room.  
Left side of the room is my side.  My antique dresser from my grandmother.  Red elephant that I painted, lamp that I decorated, and some place mats I got from a friend the other day.  Right side of the room is hubby's.  Can you tell?  haha!  Just a little round table that I threw an old throw over, my painted blue lamp, his Falcons flag and Falcons mug.  I don't really like the head board so I covered it with a brown fleece throw and threw hubby's Falcons throw over to tie it all together.  I will hopefully (eventually) make my own padded head board.

Yes my dog is MOONING you!

My mom's ceder chest under the window.  She's eventually going to get this back.  I'd love to build my own bench with storage underneath.  I'd also like to do more with this window.

Chest of drawers on my side of the room in between the door ways to the closet and the master bath.  On top is my mom's old lamp, a crystal candy dish from my grandmother, jewelry box, Pooh clock (this was a gift WAYY back in the day) and Aaron's pictures.

Hubby's MOSTER of a computer and crappy little desk that he won't let me replace.  I hate it.  The legs are metal and I'd LOVE LOVE LOVE if he would let me replace it with a computer armoire.  Baby, if you are reading this, PLEASE let me.  And all that junk over to the left needs to just DISAPPEAR!

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