Jun 7, 2010

Yard Dilemma... HELP!

Alright, the router is working and I'm back on my lap top but I'm having a bit of an issue with my memory card reader so, still, no pictures.

I have an actual post though.  One without apologizes and excuses.  I will however, be asking for your input!

The lot that our mobile home is on is rented.  It's a nice size lot with lots of trees.  We also have LOTS of leaves and NO grass in the front yard.  The leaves of course need to be raked up.  I have a small front porch that leaves much to be desired. 

I have decided that I'd like to have a container garden around our drive way and porch.  The ground at the bottom step is very hard and gets a big 1 inch deep mud puddle when it rains.  I'm in the process of saving up some money for a load of gravel and some stepping stones to make a walk way from the drive way to my porch. 

I know nothing about gardening.  But, I found this awesome idea through One Pretty Thing.

It's a wonderful creation by Life In Rehab.  She also gives a great tutorial on how she created it.

Well, guess what!  I've got a pile of these bricks in my front yard that I could probably do a miniature version of this!  I've got my weekend planned out!

Did I mention, I know nothing about gardening?  Well, I don't.  Any suggestions of flowers that would be great for containers and don't require full sunlight?  I'd love to have some greenery as well as some pretty blooms!

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