Jun 3, 2010

It's Just Sad...

I still can't blog about anything crafty!  You want an explanation?  Ok...
#1. Hubby still hasn't been able to get the wireless router to work so I can't get on my lap top.
#2. Hubby's computer doesn't have a port for my memory stick from my camera so I can't upload the few pictures of stuff that I do have that are remotely crafty.
#3.  I'm STILL not organized yet.

The 4 drawers from my crafty chest of drawers are still piled on top of each other in my living room behind and under other boxes that I just don't want to unpack because I don't know where to put it all.  It's so very sad, I know.

I almost feel like posting is sort of a waste without pictures because there are times that I won't read a blog post without pictures.  I'm truly beginning to understand the importance of pictures.

Currently on my camera are a few pictures waiting to be edited and posted.  I have begged hubby to spend his entire day off tomorrow trying to fix the router so I can do some "TRUE" crafty blogging this weekend.  I have a picture of the little tic tac toe board that I mentioned in the previous post.  I'm pleased with how it turned out.  I am still trying to debate on what to use as the Xs & Os.  The one that inspired me to do it was made with the glass rocks with Xs & Os glued to the opposite side so you could see them through the glass.  But, for once I want to put my own imagination into it.  I've got something brewing but need to test it out.

Sunday my mom and I met a friend at Goodwill and we SHOPPED!  We found some great stuff too.  My first stop is always the shoes.  And I found a great pair of black heels that I swear have never been worn before.  Next stop was the clothes we didn't stay here for very long because we were itching to get back to the goodies (furniture and housewares).  My friend went first, and I'm so jealous of what she found first.  An awesome bench for $14.99.  It was in great shape.  I wanted it so bad for my front porch.  It would've been PERFECT.  Oh well, finders keepers.  I found a couple of metal black Halloween baskets that have black spiders on them and they look like spider webs.  Well I have a chandelier in mind for these great items. 

I promise I've been doing a bit of crafting here and there and once I'm able to edit my pictures and get my laptop working you will be BOMBARDED with pictures.  You won't know what to do!

Tomorrow is Friday and I'm thanking God for that.  This week has been really busy.  New things are going on at the company I work for and it's good but causing a little bit of ciaos.  I've got to get organized!

Cross your fingers hubby will have the router working tomorrow.

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