Jul 15, 2010

2 Weekend Projects

Well, I didn't win the Silhouette.  I had a wonderful birthday either way.

My mom and grandmother bought me lots of baking supplies so I can't wait to make some CUPCAKES!  I'm hoping I'll get a batch made this weekend.  But there are 2 projects that I really want to try.

One item I received for my birthday is a hand held sewing machine.  I made a cute purse out of a place mat and some stuff from my craft stash.

I have 2 projects I really want to do this weekend.

Wrap Skirt tutorial by Graceful Elements.

I got an idea for an item I want to make that will be multi-functional for baby.  Play mat and hold toys.  I haven't seen anything like what I've got brewing in my brain.  As long as the post (once completed) of this item isn't a "FAIL" post, I don't think you'll be disappointed.  I have high hopes for this creation and may even end up making multiples to sale.

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