Jul 18, 2010

Sweet Summer Days

I don't think I've had a weekend quite as enjoyable as this one in a while.  

What did we do?
Slept late on Saturday.
Had breakfast at Daddy's restaraunt.
Shopped around at Walmart.
Played in the kiddie pool.
Went to a friends birthday pool party.
Ate cake.
Watched Alice in Wonderland.
Started sewing my wrap skirt.
Attempted (but failed) my special creation (more on this later).
Attended a Tupperware Party.
Had lunch and visited with my mom and grandparents.
Went to church and enjoyed a baptismal service (my uncle and cousin were both baptized, PRAISE THE LORD!)

Things I did NOT do!
Clean my kitchen.
Clean my dining room.
Grocery shop.
Fold laundry.
Cook or bake.

As much as the things that I didn't do needed to be done, I didn't do them.  And guess what, I SURVIVED.  These things aren't THAT important and I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed my weekend with my son and friends and family but it's driving me crazy that these things aren't done.

I'll post more on my skirt and my failure soon.
 Hope you are enjoying your weekend.

Oh, I might start selling Tupperware.  Anyone want to buy some?  I'm still thinking about it.


Domestic Nerd said...

Those are my favorite kinds of weekends!!

I passed along the Sweet Blog Award to you :)

Michelle said...

I so understand, as much as it is annoying when the little things aren't done, the memories with family and friends are more important!


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