Jul 8, 2010

Blue Polka Dots & a Pretty Flower

I made this all from stuff I had on hand and with the polka dot place mats mentioned in my Christmas In July post.

I still can't find my camera.  I have the step by steps but no pictures to go along with it.  I've really got to get myself organized.

Polka Dot Place Mat from Dollar Tree ($1)
Round Cork Board left over from this project.
Cardboard from a moving box
Paper Doilie left over from experimenting with creation.
Silk Leaves from the flowers I purchased for the wreath.
Hot Glue & Gun
Basket I used as the outline that I got at Goodwill.  Talked about here.

Total = $1.00

*Note I'm only going to calculate the cost of the materials that I purchased during the month of July.

Place the basket on the cardboard and traced around the edges 2 times.

Cut out both shapes.

Place the round cork board in the center of the shape and trace around it.

Cut it out about 1/2 inch inside the circle all the way around.  This cardboard piece will be the front frame for the cork board.

Cut around the edges of the place mat and pull the 2 layers apart.  If you have fabric on hand just use that.  I don't sew, so this is my fabric.  

Cover the front frame and the back of the frame.

Glue the cork board to the center of the back of the frame.

Glue the front frame on top of the cork board.  This should overlap the center and measure up just right with the back of.  Depending on how thick the materials are that you use, you will have to push the front frame down around the edges so that it makes contact with the hot glue.

Turn it over and glue the ribbon to the back to hang the message board from.

Embellish the front of the frame with the doilie flower.

There's no limit to how you could decorate this.  If you don't have fabric on hand you could cover it with pretty paper, yarn, or paint it.  Embellish with fabric flowers, buttons, jewels, ribbon, ric rac, glass marbles, etc. 

Don't forget to link up to the Christmas In July Challenge if you'd like to join in.

This is my first of 20 creations that I will be giving away as a gift at Christmas time.

1 down - 19 to go

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