Jul 7, 2010

Christmas In July

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Anyway, I did make it to the Dollar Tree this weekend and purchased a few great finds to get my crafting started.  Here's what I found.

Please excuse the poor photo, I've misplaced my camera.
3 Canvases - these will be created into matching wall decor.  I need some primer before I can start this project.  I can't decide if I want to do "Live Love Laugh" or some trendy phrase like that or a scripture.  I'm still brainstorming on this one.

Wreath form - what else other than a wreath?  Can't decide how to do it though.  I want something that can be year around.  Something welcoming, neutral and elegant... maybe.  I'm searching for more inspiration.  Need all the goodness that will be used to decorate this.

Paper doilies - just because those things were too awesome to pass up.  I'll probably just craft with these for myself.  Nothing to do with Christmas in July.

Candle Holders, and metal plates - a 3 tier display for YUMMIES! Need some paint and glue

"Magic" Wands - I'm going to paint this probably a pretty pink color (cover up "magic") add lots of glitter and maybe some fuzzy trim around the star, some pretty ribbon under the star to make a cute little girl a gift to play with during dress up.

Sponges - I'm going to try my hand at making my own paint stamps and decorating some shirts.  I've done one already for Aaron just playing around.  It turned out really cute.

Blue & White Polk-a-Dot Place mats - not pictured (sorry, I've already been experimenting with my options for these).  I've seen some table runners that were made with these exact place mats and they are very cute and I might be making another trip to Dollar Tree for some more.  But I'm thinking pillows... maybe... still searching for some inspiration.

As you can see I have the beginnings of a few projects but I'm still lacking some materials.  What do you have started?

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