Jul 29, 2010

To Do Thursday - Link Up #1

  1. Order the play pen from CSN Stores.  Oh yea, I've been procrastinating something bad.
  2. List a few items on Craigslist for sale.  I really have a lot of junk that I have got to get rid of.
  3. Make a felt mustache for manager's son.  One of my managers brought his son into the office the other day and he was making mustaches and beards out of paper and showing them off.  Too cute.  I thought I'd make him a felt mustache to wear.  It'll be FUN!
  4. Take pictures of the many projects I've completed in the last week.  I'll need to edit the photos and make a few posts.
  5. Clean my floors!
I thought this would be a fun linkie party.

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