Aug 29, 2010

No body told me about this...

Well, we're all healed up from our sickness.  I still have some congestion going on but nothing I can't handle.  Aaron his no longer sick but definitely not his normal self.  It's like someone stole my 10 month old, cloned him, and brought me the evil twin.  Ok, evil is a bit of an exaggeration but WHERE is this attitude coming from?  Is this normal?
For 2 days in a row he would claw at his handles, turned blood red in the face and start crying... with water works and all, while I was feeding him breakfast, lunch, or dinner.  I can't figure it out.  I thought maybe it was because he's got 2 teeth coming in at the same time, and they were bothering him.  But while feeding him was really the only time he would do this.

He would be in the floor playing with the remote control (his favorite toy) and then just out of the blue throw it on the floor and start squealing... yes... squealing at it like it just came to life and bit him or something.

He pinches, scratches, jerks his hands around and is even trying to slap.  

No body told me that when he became this age his whole personality would change.  

Oh, but I still can't get enough of him.
His smiles,
arms reaching up for me to hold him,
his head on my shoulder when he's sleepy or being shy,
his beautiful blue eyes,
taking his first few steps to me,
jibber jabbering while throwing his hands around like he's telling you a story,
and even hold the telephone to his ear and jibber jabbering some more.

I love my baby boy no matter how much he might pinch or squeal at me.  But no body told me he would grow up quite this fast!  It literally feels like a blink of an eye.

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