Aug 7, 2010

Yard Sale Finds vs Craigslist Find


Yesterday I finally ordered the baby gate from CSN for Aaron's play room.  I've also been wanting some of those ABC enter locking floor tiles to go on the floor inside the gate.  Like these...
Well, they aren't cheap.  I saw them at Michaels for something like $50+.  I wasn't going to pay that much for them.  I got an email from my mother in law yesterday about a lady on Craigslist selling them for $20.  I thought, hey I can handle $20.  I emailed her and planned to go pick them up today after the yardsale at the church.  I knew the church had some but didn't think they were going to sell them.  Well, they decided to sell them.  I paid $5 for the tiles.  My dear friend only asked $2 for the set but I know they are worth way more than that.  The set may be missing a couple of tiles, I'm not sure.  But I know I have plenty to cover the area inside the play pen.  

The play pen should be here on Thursday!  I'm so excited to finally get his little play room done.  I've got to get the broken dishwasher and dining room table out of there and then I'll be good to go!

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