Jun 13, 2010

Sunday FUN Finds

How hot is it today where you are?  It's 95 here.  It's insane!  I'm finally back home and in the AC.  My original plan was to do some yard work... but I can't make myself go out the door anymore.  I still need to go grocery shopping, but I think I'll do that later this week, maybe in the late evening hours.

I'm going to spend the rest of my day looking for some crafty inspiration and I might make some cupcakes.  Still undecided on that.

Fun & Funky Seat Organizers by Home Sweet Home.  I love this and will have to make one of these (if not 2) pretty soon.

Recycled Tin Can Flower Caddy by Under The Table and Dreaming.  I'm all about crafts that reuse items from the kitchen.

Mason Jar Soap Dispenser by The Pleated Poppy.  Her bathroom is gorgeous and I love this dispenser.  

Yep, I think I'll make some cupcakes now!

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