Aug 4, 2010

To Do Thursday #2

  1. Order the play pen from CSN Stores.  Oh yea, I've been procrastinating something bad.  I did not order this yet due to lack of funds.  Yes, CSN gave me a gift certificate but the gate is a bit more than what they offered.

  2. List a few items on Craigslist for sale.  I really have a lot of junk that I have got to get rid of.  I did this!  I sold my first item tonight.  I listed Aaron's car seat, a toy table and chairs, some full length mirrors, a sand castle candle holder, diaper changing pad, and a table.  I got a response on a lot of stuff but mostly got stood up by the inquirers. 

    I also listed some books on ebay!  I'm excited about dabbling in ebay selling.  Would you like to check out what I have listed?  Go HERE

  3. Make a felt mustache for manager's son.  One of my managers brought his son into the office the other day and he was making mustaches and beards out of paper and showing them off.  Too cute.  I thought I'd make him a felt mustache to wear.  It'll be FUN!  I still need to get some thin elastic before I make this.

  4. Take pictures of the many projects I've completed in the last week.  I'll need to edit the photos and make a few posts.  Still not done.  I have been taking lots of pictures lately though, just not of products.  More of Aaron as he keeps amazing me with new faces, and actions.  :D

  5. Clean my floors!  My mom surprised me while she was at my house Sunday, I went to church and when I got back my floors were clean.  LOVE YOU MOM!
This weeks to do list:
  1. Make felt mustach.
  2. Order gate from CSN.
  3. Take pictures of my completed projects.
  4. Bake & decorate 48 cupcakes for yard sale on Saturday.
  5. Organize my pictures on my computer.

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